Who is Mitch Thomas ?

 Fitness saved my life, my early teens to early 20's were characterised by binge eating ,binge drinking and smoking as a means of coping with stress and lack of direction. Chasing fast money and living a fast lifestyle undermined my mental and physical well-being. This eventually led to breaking point as a result of poor decisions with inevitable consequences . 
Luckily my brother came to the rescue and introduced me to the world of personal development. My first book on the topic was Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. A paradigm shift began, sparking an insatiable desire for self improvement and exploration of my human potential .
I then applied to University, began a course in Psychology and started weight training regularly. These two passions inspired an idea for a Clothing brand, my first business EPC ( Elite Physique Clothing) a brand that shared my newly found passions through inspirational designs and quotes printed on workout wear . 
At this time there was nothing like it, there was no brand that represented this lifestyle in the way it did at least in the UK .
It created a huge market and inspired other brands that are here today . 
For me this was pure bliss ; a new, healthier lifestyle and a successful business that represented it . I sold this brand recently after an exiting journey that taught me several lessons in business and  provided one platform for self expression.
I have now embarked on new ways to Empower people to become better versions of themselves, realising that it’s a continuous process of personal development .
One which I’m most exited about launching is the HARD BODY (Mindset, Nutrition & Workout) Guide . It represents over 10 years of dedication to weight training and personal development in a comprehensive guide - backed by research and real life experience. 
Use the HARD BODY Guide to fine tune your approach, to remind you of some things you may already be aware of but can more easily apply when presented in the right context. Train hard, feel good and look great is the mantra and I’m extremely grateful to offer some value and guidance to your journey. 
hard body cover